ABOUT | Scholars Academy at Monmouth College

The Scholars Academy at Monmouth College 

is a two-week, pre-college experience, providing exceptional high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to live and study like a college student. Students are able to step up the learning process as never before, as they engage alongside other intellectually curious students in an exceptional liberal arts college environment.

As part of this uniquely immersive experience, you’ll have the opportunity to:

• Pursue a topic of intellectual interest • Engage in a liberal arts, interdisciplinary study • Collaborate with talented peers and expert faculty • Reside in a true living-learning community • Participate in leadership and community service activities Experience college – A to Z

An Intellectual Immersion

The Scholars Academy is an intellectual immersion – an opportunity to pursue topics of interest at an in-depth, college level. Studying in small, discussion-based classes, you’ll see how a college class approaches a particular subject. You’ll engage in stimulating discussions. You’ll learn from knowledgeable professors. You’ll raise your learning to a whole new level.

A Liberal Arts Experience

The Scholars Academy is a chance to experience firsthand the liberal arts. Here, in a highly personalized learning environment, you’ll approach topics in an interdisciplinary and integrated way, learning how different academic disciplines ask, investigate and answer intellectual questions.

Experience College Life

The Scholars Academy is a two-week residential, college experience. You’ll live in a residence hall, experiencing a college living environment. You’ll participate in social and wellness activities – from team-building games to group outings to community service. You’ll move beyond high school, as you encounter new challenges, meet new friends and step out of your comfort zone.

Lessons in Leadership

You’ll engage in many discussions and activities focused on campus leadership. You’ll hear from leaders within the college and community. You’ll participate in leadership games. You’ll build problem-solving skills and self-confidence on a high ropes course. As part of a comprehensive program, you’ll gain and sharpen the skills needed to be an effective leader.