COURSES OF STUDY | Scholars Academy at Monmouth College

The Scholars Academy at Monmouth College 

offers a variety of courses in the liberal arts tradition, allowing students to pursue a subject of interest in an in-depth, interdisciplinary way. Each scholar will choose three classes and will be placed in two of them.


Course Title: From Media Consumer to Media Producer: Audio and Video Production
Instructor: Chris Goble

Description: We all consume large amounts of media each day and can easily create media on our smart phones. But how do professionals create media to a higher standard? The class will explore how to create professional media, and each student will practice creating their own radio and television productions.


Course Title: How Life Works
Instructor: Tim Tibbetts

Description: This biology class will look at important aspects of life using both laboratory and field experiences. Learn how plant communities are structured and change through time. Examine how evolutionary biologists build models of family trees. See how plant evidence can be used in forensic science. Jump into the photosynthetic process to see how light drives the biosphere. Calculate the change in human survivorship between past populations and now. Compare animal diversity between different habitats. Estimate turtle populations based on live trapping. Ecology, evolution, plant biology, and metabolism are just a few of the important topics to be explored.


Course Title: Write the Whirlwind: Creative Writers Being Heard
Instructor: David Wright

Description: “”Nevertheless live / Conduct your blooming in the noise and the whip of the whirlwind”” write the legendary poet Gweondloyn Brooks (Pulitzer Prize Winner and former Illinois Poet Laureate). Here’s your chance to write poems and stories that ride the whirlwind, that help you find your way through exhilarating or challenging times. We’ll do an intense study of the craft of writing poetry and short fiction, then we’ll write, workshop, and perform our work, all in two great weeks. Previous experience with creative writing, slam poetry, or performance welcome, but not required. Come find your voice and let it be heard!


Course Title: Nature and the Environment in Antiquity
Instructor: Adrienne Hagen

Description: How did people in the ancient world conceive of nature from a philosophical, religious, and scientific standpoint? What attitudes did they hold towards animals and other forms of life? How did they shape the world around them through practices such as agriculture, mining, water management, and deforestation? Did they share our modern concerns about the use and conservation of natural spaces? Students in this course will investigate these questions using literature, art, and artifacts from the ancient Mediterranean world (primarily Greece and Rome but also Egypt, the Near East, and Britain). Our collaborative, experiential learning model will include hands-on experiences and excursions to local sites.


Course Title: Food and Forensics in Chemistry
Instructor: Laura Moore and Audra Goach Sostarecz

Description: In this course, you will learn, through lecture and lab, the chemistry principles behind baking and crime.  Labs may include the Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry analysis of bread aroma and the identification of fibers found at crime scenes through the use of Infrared Spectroscopy and dyes. If you like food and you like forensics, then this course will be both fun and educational.